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The check list for a rustic wedding in Cyprus

The special moment has finally arrived destination wedding decided agreed! So whats next? Book your flights of course, book your hotel and find the right wedding venue in Cyprus to have the wedding of your dreams. Many locations and venues available but most important is to find the wedding venue which[…]

Gay weddings in Cyprus

Who would think a few years ago that gay weddings in Cyprus would be a popular trend  in our big wedding family. Cyprus as a destination attracts many couples wanting to tie the knot in a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, why not then attract so many gay couples looking to[…]

Wedding planner in Cyprus

Weddings in Cyprus are extremely popular because it is one of the major wedding destinations in the world. People fly in from all over the world to get wed here. It is your wedding and there is nothing in the world that says you shouldn’t do anything within your power[…]

How to arrange a civil wedding ceremony in Paphos

Save the date! Most couples finding it very difficult and stressful to make their own arrangements for their wedding ceremony. The solution to this is to delicate this procedure to some one with good experience and knowledge of how to get married in Cyprus. Wedding plannings services in Paphos are[…]

How To Decide On The Wedding Dress

How To Decide On The Wedding Dress It is your wedding! You are the bride and you have dreamed of this day since you were a little girl. Now, imagine this situation. You forgot to give enough time and consideration while ordering your wedding dress, as a result of which[…]

Catholic Wedding in Paphos, Cyprus

Religion is important for many couples so this is why they will choose to  have a religious wedding ceremony in Paphos, Cyprus. Its really wonderful to be able to marry abroad  and be able to have it according to your believes. A well established and very organized parish is the Catholic church[…]

How To Choose A Wedding Venue In Paphos

How to choose a wedding venue in Paphos Getting hitched to the one you love truly and deeply is an unforgettable event. And this splendid event can only be made special when you get married in a special place. Any suggestions? There is one place in Cyprus that is attracting[…]

5 Star Wedding Venues in Cyprus: Are they really worth it?

5 Star hotels in Cyprus: Are they really worth it? So are you thinking about your wedding in Cyprus in 2014? Cyprus is getting increasing popular as the most sought after wedding destinations in the world. Many Brits, even those running on a shoestring budget are heading to this lovely[…]

10 Things to do in Cyprus in 2014

Cyprus, the island that looks beautiful and welcoming throughout the year is a very popular tourism destination. People flock to this third most populated country in the Mediterranean to have their share of fun and adventure. These are 10 things you should do in Cyprus in 2014. 1. Explore the[…]

How to plan your own wedding for free?

How to plan your own wedding for free? Your wedding is probably a one-time event and to make it really special, you’ve got to plan ahead. The thrill of planning a glorious event like this is sometimes clouded by the trials and tribulations that go into it. Actually, there is[…]